Ride or Die: Fair Rides

Julie Legg, Staff

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Going to the fair and enjoying all it has to offer, such as the wacky foods and the crazy rides, is a tradition that has lasted for 111 years in Oklahoma. From the thrill seekers to the not-so-thrill seekers, the fair offers a plethora of attractions to enjoy.

“My favorite ride would have to be Street Fighter 360. You spin around in the air while being upside down. This was definitely the most thrilling ride by far,” Senior Erin N. said.

Some people would argue that fair rides are expensive, and that some of the rides have a tendency to break down.

“The water bumper car ran out of gas while I was on it so me and my friend had to wait in line again in the beating sun,” senior Norton V. said.

With the price of the tickets, wait time, and likelihood of malfunctions, it brings up the question: are the rides worth your money?

“I bought the fast pass and I would say it was definitely worth it. The rides normally cost so much so it saved me time and money,”  Norton V. said.

In spite of the fact that some of the rides tend to be problematic, the fair is overall enjoyed by most people who attend.

“Although, it was hot and my legs hurt from all the walking, I’ll remember the fun time I had with my friends, eating delicious fried foods, and the rides,” Erin N. said.

The fair lasts for only a short while every year, but one thing’s for certain, the memories will last forever. 

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