Cheer Wins Regionals

Brie Oliver, Staff

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Back with a bang! The Reigning Champs, Westmoore Varsity Cheer!

Winning gold for their second time at Regionals, the cheer squad was nervous and anxious, and wanted the title. Working hard and giving it their all, never stopping at what they do best, and fully driven for what they want. They were excited and impressed with reaching one of their goals this year.

 “Performing in front of a crowd gives me a rush of adrenaline that I love! Time flies when you’re on the mat,” sophomore Jaelin J. said.

The cheer coach has worked hard with all these amazing athletes. Jenni Hawkins has coached the cheer team for almost four years. Jenni, a Westmoore cheer alumni is proud of the squad. “I feel nervous! Excited! I have so many emotions running through my body at the same time,” Coach Hawkins said. “It is impossible to describe. I love watching them perform, but I also carry all of their feelings.”

During the routine, the cheerleaders have certain spots and positions  It’s up to each individual to do their job. It can be stressful for them to do them correctly and put it all on the mat.

“As a back spot, my main priority is keeping the flyer up no matter what. My job is stabilizing the stunt and helping my bases,” junior Jordan W. said.

The Champions are very proud and excited about winning. Next is the State competition in Tulsa, Ok on September 22.

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