Choir All-State Auditions

Another year, another audition.

Grace Seo, Staff

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First-round auditions are coming up and Westmoore Chamber Choir and the Freshmen Choir are avidly practicing in and out of class. Choir students will be auditioning for first-rounds on October 27th, continuing their efforts to be selected.

“I usually spend three to four hours a week practicing, but as auditions get closer, it might be up to five hours a week,” freshman Julia G. said.

Julia auditioned for OCDA Junior High All-State, was selected into OCDA All-State Choir last year as an eighth grader.

“My favorite thing about All-State is the bonding that happens. Everyone is different, we all come from different backgrounds but when we sing, we are all one,” Julia G. said. 

Students of Westmoore Chamber Choir have made All State Choirs in the past as well. Senior Brock B. has made OCDA All-State, OMEA All-State, and Jazz All-State in the past.

“I think the most important aspect about taking the audition is to remember to have confidence. You need to know that you may make it,” senior Brock B. said. 

Along with those who have made the choir before, there are also some students who did not make All-State. “For us our own personal goals for this year’s auditions is to do our best and put in their full effort,” seniors Jacky T. and Abby F. said. 

Choir students from all over the state compete through rounds of auditions from October to February to be selected in the All-State Choir. There are many different All-State choirs for students of all grades such as OMEA High School All-State, Jazz All-State for sophomores through seniors, and OCDA Junior High All-State for seventh graders through freshmen in high school. The selection for OMEA High School All-State and Jazz All-State is conducted by the Oklahoma Music Educators Association. The association consists of all music directors of high school choirs in the state. While the high school and junior high All-State choirs are have an estimate of 200 students, the Jazz All-State is made up of 24 students across the state.

This year, 68 upperclassmen are auditioning for OMEA All-State, 14 freshmen for OCDA All-State, and about 12 students for Jazz All-State. Ms. Dawson, choir director of Westmoore Vocal Music and President of the Oklahoma Music Educators Association, is expecting “high quality of musicianship” from all of the students auditioning since there is a large amount.


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