Sabercats Stand No Chance – JV Style

Kaedan H., Staff

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Triumphant once again!  Westmoore JV football stands victorious as they defeat the struggling Sabercats 28-6 on a Monday night showdown. The Jags can hold onto their bragging rights as they take care of business on Southmoore’s home turf, as they are crowned the City Champions.

With another win in the books, Westmoore improves to 2-0. Led by head coach Kennedy and junior quarterback, Tysin E., the team looked solid in their victory. Tysin was firing on all cylinders and commanded his team on their way to a win.  Although some might expect for one to be nervous about such an anticipated game.

“No, not really I just treat it like any other game.” He did keep his composure as he calmly guided his offense past the Sabercats. Being in control of the offense can be challenging for some. “It’s a little weird, but it feels good and it’s pretty easy.” Tysin  said. 

On the defensive side of the ball, lockdown junior cornerback Davonta F. served as a roadblock to all Southmoore receivers who intended on catching any passes in the game.

“We trusted each other and our coaches. We worked together and knew what we had to do and when to do it and they (Southmoore) honestly shouldn’t have scored at all. We were up so we thought we could go easy, but that was a mistake,I’m just glad we got the win.” Davonta F said. 

A familiar face arrives in a new place, junior offensive lineman Jevon T. returns to football after a three year hiatus.

“It feels great, being around people you actually enjoy being around and doing something you love is a good combo. And after taking some time off I wasn’t sure if I wanted to come back, but then I heard everyone who played talk about how much they enjoyed it made me want to get back out there more and more.”  Jevon T. said.

The Jaguars faced a setback in their victory when sophomore safety Kylen T. went down with an injury. Kylen is a talented  with a bright future, but was forced to take a step back when he suffered an injury in the 2nd quarter of Monday’s game.

“Working hard in physical therapy and just doing what my doctors and trainers say so I can get back on the field,”  Kylen T. said. 

“It was a pretty big setback for me and the team, but I’ve been in physical therapy and I should be back this Thursday,” Kylen T. said. 

The defense can blow a sigh of relief knowing they’ll have their safety back in action soon.

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