Westmoore High School Cross Country 2018-2019-A FRESH START

Grace Duvall, Staff

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Taking off from the finish line to start the new season, the cross country team is starting off fresh. After the resignation of coach Jake Deviney, a new coach was hired from from Norman High – Coach Downard. He is a long time runner and has been involved in marathons throughout his career. Coming into a brand new team he has began his training process with the athletes, increasing their stamina and endurance.

“Coach Downard is a great coach and has been an amazing stepping stone for the team in the right direction.” senior Hunter H. said.

Along with the athletes loving the new training and coaching staff, the coaches love the freshness as well.

“Coach Downard and I have known each other for years so the adjustment for both me and the team has gone smooth. He is a very knowledgeable and has won multiple marathons,” assistant coach Reichart said.

Overall, the team is improving with the new coach through his style of training.

“His training is different, they are learning to adjust to higher mileage and are becoming more aerobically fit, and the athletes look stronger throughout the race,” Coach Reichart said.

The increase in mileage and the harder practices are paying off for the team in each meet they go to.

“Since mileage has increased,my 5k time has drastically gotten better.” junior Taylor S. said.

Many of the runners agree with Taylor, and the team is looking toward the end of the season and prepping for Regionals on October 20th and State on the 27th.

“Chili Pepper is my favorite race because there is a lot more competition out of state and college athletes and scouts attend it, plus the atmosphere is amazing.” senior Hunter H. said. Chili Pepper was in Fayetteville, AR on September 27th.

The fresh start has now lead to a new season that is headed to Regionals and State in October.

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