Places to Eat in 32 Minutes

Bella Ragsdale, Staff

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One of the biggest changes to take place at Westmoore this year has been the move to three lunch periods. Not only are friends and classmates separated by different lunch periods, but they have less time to eat.

Deciding where to eat with limited time brings new situations. 

“By the time lunch happens, we either have already turned left or right out of the parking lot so that limits our options. However, I do like planning ahead because it gets me excited for lunch and prevents that predicament,” Bailee N. replied.

There is easy access to Braum’s, Sonic, McDonald’s, and Burger King from Westmoore and they’re usually pretty fast. While that’s all good, what food place takes the longest?

“I think Freddy’s takes the longest,” Shea W. said. 

There are food places with mobile apps that allow that offer place orders ahead of time.

“Tropical Smoothie and Panera are great for ordering ahead because they already have it prepared when you arrive,” Lexi H. said. 

Other options are Taco Bueno, Taco Bell, Eagle One Pizza, Subway, Qdoba,  7-11, and Sprouts Deli all in 32 minutes.

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