Jaguars Top the Lions!

Nameer K, Staff

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It is a STREAK! 18 years of winning and counting. Jaguars dominate, again with a win of 35-to-6. Jaguars wasted no time picking up right where they left off, first year starter sophomore Dayton W. delivered an 18-yard strike to senior Jacob C. for a touchdown. They knew they had to come out the gates red hot and they did. By the end of the first quarter, the team looked unstoppable on both sides of the ball leading 21-0 going into the second quarter.

“I thought it was important for the team to come out with intensity,” sophomore Dayton W. said.

The Jaguars are no stranger to winning this game and they were looking to extend the winning streak to eighteen years. With winning being such a norm for this game year round, the pressure to win can mount.

“We don’t care about the winning streak, I feel like it’s just another distraction. Our goal each week is to go out there and win the game,” Coach Williams said.

The coaching staff was, also, impressed with the defense’s five takeaways,  414 yards of total offense, and rallying in18 first downs. The team looked unstoppable all around.

The Lions couldn’t make it a game to begin with, scoring their first points in the third quarter and then never scoring again. The defensive side of the ball shined through the trenches when it counted the most. Overall it was a good team win and promises a very bright season ahead.


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