Changing Attitudes, Changing Weather

Jenna Noel, Editor

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Fall is here and so are all the changing attitudes that comes along with the changing weather.

Although the attitude changes might not be drastic, there are some people who go from friendly to unpleasant or maybe even those who are antisocial that change to wanting to be everyone’s buddy.

The cold, winter weather usually tends to make people more bitter or hostile while the warm, summer weather tends to make people more cheerful and happy. The reason most people believe is that during the summer the sun is out and the weather is warm and you have a tendency to go outside more and be more active. While during the winter, it’s usually cloudy or dark, with little or no sun with cold weather and cold winds, so you stay inside more and it’s usually the time when everyone gets sick, according to Psych Center.

“I usually don’t have an attitude change when the weather changes but I sometimes get more irritable during the winter,” senior Ashleigh J. said. “I think it’s because the bitter cold gets to me and that when I wake up, I’m freezing and it’s upsetting.”

Whether you have drastic attitude changes or not, the cold winter weather is soon coming and for the most part, many people are not looking forward to it.

“Whenever the weather changes, I get so depressed, like I just start crying a whole lot more and I can’t stop,” senior Rachel M. said “Like during the fall, the sky is so dark and it’s just upsetting and it makes me think that the sky is crying as well and then I just get even more sad.”

Everyone has their favorite season or time of year. Whether winter is yours or not, embrace it and have fun.

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