1-2-3 Lunches

Destany Pace, Staff

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This year at Westmoore has three different lunch sessions:

  • 1st lunch-11:24-11:56
  • 2nd lunch-11:57-12:29
  • 3rd lunch- 12:32-104

Each lunch contains an average of  34 fourth hour classes. Westmoore had to make our lunches into three different times instead of two to help with overcrowding in the parking lots and on the streets.“It does help alot with crowding,” senior Makayla T. said. “There is less people during the lunches.”

Senior Kade S. said, “I’m starting adjust to the new lunch times”. The principals have designed a plan that every six weeks students lunch timeperiod will change. Lunches are based on students’ fourth hour and the hallway their class is held; example: red hall, blue hall or yellow hall. First lunch goes to lunch right after third hour and once lunch is over goes to forth hour. Second lunch does to fourth hour for about 20 minutes and then goes to lunch and returns to complete fourth hour.  once lunch is over for second lunch students return back to fourth hour. Finally for third lunch students go to fourth hour, once fourth hour is over for students with third lunch they go to lunch and after lunch students go to 5th hour. Changing the times will just make it more confusing,” sophomore Skyler Pace said.

Although not every student gets to leave for lunch having three different lunches helps in the cafeteria also. Students get to go through the line and sit down and eat way faster then they use to. Changing back to the two lunches isn’t an option at Westmoore anymore. We have too many kids to do that and keep everyone safe at the same time.

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