Oklahoma Adventures

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Oklahoma Adventures

Bella Ragsdale, Staff

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What to do in Oklahoma? Although Oklahoma may not seem like the ideal vacation spot, our state does have quite a few attractions for teens and families.

Attractions like Turner Falls, Pops, Route 66, Bricktown, River Sports, Lake Thunderbird State Park, and the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge. If you’re looking for a fun road trip with friends or family, these spots can be reached easily by car and visited in less than a day’s drive.

“The view of the waterfall and the hiking trails are my favorite things about Turner Falls. Plus it’s a good day trip to just go and chill with your family or friends, swim, and hike up the mountains,” sophomore Lindsey H. said.

A 40-minute drive from Westmoore, is Pops in Arcadia along the historic Route 66.  It offers visitors a nostalgic diner atmosphere with glass shelves featuring over 700 different kinds of soda and other beverages. They serve burgers and other refreshments, with unique and large selection

of candy.

“It’s not far and

it’s inexpensive. It’s a good road trip to take with friends and I like to try different soda every time I visit

and it’s a super cute place to take pictures,” junior Lauren H. said.

The highlight is the 66-foot-tall giant soda bottle in front of the restaurant. The historic Route 66 is a road that many travelers like to take to discover a bit of American history along the way. Although the actual start/end locations have changed over time, for many years the route ran over 2,000 miles from Illinois all the way to California including, of course, the great state of Oklahoma.

Located in Norman, OK, Lake Thunderbird State Park features a variety of outdoor attractions. Whether looking to swim, boat, camp, or picnic, this state park can accommodate individuals, families, and large groups. Rentals are available for canoe, paddle-boat, tubes, RV Park, and places to camp.

If you’re looking for a place for outdoor recreation and scenery, look no further than Oklahoma’s Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge. Located in the Wichita Mountains, Mt. Scott is known to be one of the highest peaks in Oklahoma.  At an elevation of 2,464 feet, Mt. Scott lures hikers from all around to test their endurance on the trails with varying degrees of difficulty.  But, more than that, this refuge was established to federally protected many species from becoming extinct and hosts bison, wild turkey, elk and longhorn cattle.  At just an hour and a half away from Oklahoma City, the Wichita Mountains makes a great day trip for adventurers.  From falls to giant soda bottles to history to lakes and to mountains, Oklahoma offers attractions and enjoyment for all ages.

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