Let’s Get Lit

Jazmine Jones, Staff

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“LET’S GET LIT!!!”, can be heard from high school students that want to have a “good time”. Students can be heard saying this in class, at games, club meetings, or even walking their dog. Some students can have the mindset of “I’m here for a good time, not a long time”. But, for some students “Getting Lit” does not have the innocent meaning.

According to CDC.gov. minors from the ages of 12-20, consume 10% of alcohol and 90% is in the form of binge drinking. Although they may be having lots of fun, if caught underage drinking, there will be consequences. Some teens participate in drinking because they believe it might make them popular. 

“To a certain degree it does make you popular, however it sets you up for failure,” senior Hayley S. said.

There is a penalty for underage drinking – fines, suspension of license, or even jail time, not to mention,  a jail or criminal record. It has become a known fact that alcohol is the number one most commonly used and abused drug among teenagers under the age of 21.

“Depending on the attitude of the juvenile and level of intoxication, we either call their parents or take them to the juvenile detention center,” said one of Westmoore’s police officers.

Although some students partake in underage drinking there are some that abstain. A majority of high school students are likely to try drinking before the age of 21. However, statistics have found on TheRecoveryVillage.com , that only 1 and 6 teens binge drink. Why are the numbers so high in underage drinking? Maybe, many teenagers feel as though they have to feel cool, included, or have fun with others. Teenagers fall victim to peer pressure based on their emotion at that very moment – impulsive.  Studies have been shown on ncbi.nlm.nih.gov that when they feel sad, guilty, or even disappointed in themselves, is when they partake in illegal activities, such as drinking.

“I am personally not tempted by peer pressure because I was raised to be a leader, not a follower, but unfortunately others were not raised the same,” said senior Thatcher A.

How can we prevent underage drinking? It all starts with who a person surrounds themselves with. Peer pressure does not only happen with acquaintances or friends but within families. There are many strategies in ways to say ‘no’ to drinking. Supervision by positive adults, expressing emotions into something positive, better surroundings, and avoiding peer pressure. People make mistakes all the time, however, you don’t want to carry those mistakes throughout life. Making decisions that could lead to feeling uncool, may help live a healthy, drug-free, and positive lifestyle.

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