Number One Inspirational Speaker In the World


Kaysha Lambert, Staff

What makes a good motivational speaker? Someone who has a mission that is bigger than himself, who makes a positive change in an individual’s life, or maybe even someone strives to be a better person? Or is it someone who has the ability to understands others and gives positive advice?

-Jay Shetty has these qualities of a human and has been a game-changer and a huge influence to the world.

“Jay Shetty has been one of my favorite inspirational speaker. Listening to him every morning helps me get up in the morning to be a positive person and do something productive with my life that will benefit me.”  senior Quenesha W. said.

Shetty was just an ordinary shy boy who grew up in England. As a young boy, he was bullied about his nerdiness and his weight, however he never let that get to him. He always strives to be a positive person no matter the situation. After the moment of losing his two close friends, one from gang violence and the other from a car accident. It really hit him and lost his mind. He didn’t know the purpose of living anymore until he met a person that changed his life forever.

At the age of 18, he met a monk who spoke at the university that he attended at the time. He was so inspired by the monk that he decided to live as a monk at the age of 22 across India and Europe. He shaved his head, wore robes, and lived out of a gym locker . He decided to do that for 3 years, waking up at 4 am every morning, taking cold showers, and training his body to meditate daily. Instead of fame and wealth, he chose to live cheap with 2 sets of clothes and sleeping on the floor using a thin yoga mat and a sleeping bag for 3 whole years. He spent most of his time training his mind and traveling the world building communities and helping villages.

After 3 years of living as a monk, he used what he learned and shared it to the world to bring positivity to the world. He was invited to various companies to speak and is now working for one of the biggest brands in the world. He now has over 2 billion views on social media and 20 million followers.

“I absolutely love Jay Shetty’s story. He is such an inspirational person and has influenced my life. He has brought the best version of myself.” senior Ahloria O. said.