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Christina Phillips, Staff

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Friday October 12, Victoria H. was crowned the 31st Westmoore homecoming queen. She was escorted by Senior football player Zach J.

 “I was excited and proud,”said senior Victoria H. “it was nerve racking, but all good in the end.”

Westmoore STUCO  sponsored a homecoming spirit week. Each day of the week was a dress up day; Monday – American Day students dressed up in red, white and blue; Tuesday – Jersey Day students dressed in team jerseys; Wednesday – Students wore Pajamas; Thursday –  Meme Day students dressed up as their favorite online meme; Friday – Students wore Pink to support breast cancer awareness.

The homecoming candidates are chosen by the football team. Candidates were:


  • Avery R. – escorted by Kaibren G.
  • Amaya S. – escorted by Zane C.


  • Anhya M. –  escorted by Dayton W.
  • Gracee M. – escorted by  Garret H.


  • Ali H. – escorted by Jace B.
  • Annabel W. –  escorted by Jordan H.


  • Victoria H. –  escorted by Zach J.
  • Joy O. – escorted by Layne G.
  • Kilah S. – escorted by Kerry S.

The homecoming ceremony was held before the football game. The candidates wore the traditional colors: freshman wore silver; sophomores wore white; juniors wore red; seniors wore black. They wore the different colors to represent their class colors.

Westmoore’s homecoming traditions have changed through the years. There were once pep assemblies and dances.

“Back in our younger years, Westmoore’s  STUCO organized a carnival with rides and games. It was held in the afternoon after our pep assembly and at night before the game. After the games we used to have a dance that was held in the cafeteria media commons. The carnival and dance kind of faded away because over the years less people attended,” said Athletic Director, Mr. Burress. “Later on in the years we had a homecoming bonfire. That died away too because of number one, fire, and number two the weather is unpredictable. Now all we have is a football game. We were going to have an assembly this year, but our gym floor is being restored. We will recognize the winners in the winter assembly in December.”

“My favorite thing about homecoming is seeing it all come together during the ceremony,”said Mrs. Knight, athletic secretary. “But, I believe that the students should be able to choose the candidates.”

Homecoming is originally the tradition of welcoming back former students and members and celebrating an organization’s existence. Homecoming is a tradition in high schools, colleges, and churches all over the United States.

Moore High School has a parade every year for their homecoming. Southmoore has a All Sports homecoming where they have all of their sports celebrate homecoming at one time. Westmoore has their homecoming ceremony before their football game.

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