Schoolin’ & Juulin’

Nameer Khan, Staff

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50 years ago surgeons used to smoke cigarettes in the operating room, and now students are sticking Juul’s in their mouths every chance they get in the classroom. Juul products are taking over teenagers lives and this is factoring in to be a problem mentally and physically. Ripping through numerous Juul pods weekly, teenagers are developing an unhealthy and unnecessary addiction. Blinded by the amount of danger in these nicotine products, students continue to puff away each chance they get.

“I see it happen everyday, a teacher will turn around to write something on the smartboard and I see classmates taking hits.” an anonymous Westmoore student said.

The smoke coming out of these products being so miniscule, it makes Juuling in class extremely convenient. This being an obvious distraction from the learning environment, it can start to play a toll on a students GPA. Underage use of these nicotine products is getting out of hand, with a single pod being equivalent to a pack of cigarettes in the amount of nicotine contained. Naive to the topic and craving the buzz, students don’t seem to understand the repercussions for their actions.

Only needing to be 18 years old to purchase Juul products legally, high schoolers do not seem to have a hard time asking someone older to purchase them the product. With The Food and Drug Administration trying to crack down on underage Juuling, actions most likely not be taken and if so they will be taken in 2019.

“Juul products are our best selling product, they bring in quite a bit of revenue and customers love them” Vapor Plus owner, Nadeem Khan said, “I don’t like to see kids Juuling, I have a kid of my own and do not want him to develop an unhealthy and illegal addiction.”

Doctors claim that Juul products will be the root of “the health problem of the decade”. These products have seen to make an impact on athletes stamina as well.

“I’ve seen some of teammates huff and puff after sprints that they used to be able to make with ease. It frustrates me because ever since they started Juuling I’ve seen drastic changes in their work ethic.” junior Westmoore football player said.

These modern day electronic cigarettes are ruining the lives of students furthermore than they understand.

Twenty-Eight percent of all high school students across America own a Juul. All in all, the demand of these products is steadily increasing, these dangerous devices are getting out of hand and making an impact on school work. The nicotine is dangerously high yet the buzz always seems to bring them back in. Modernizing life today, Juul products are revolutionizing the teenage youth today.

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