Signing for a Dream

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Signing for a Dream

Anthony Riley

Anthony Riley

Anthony Riley

Anthony Riley

Brinley DeCarlo, Editor

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Playing a college sport can be a high school students’ dream. Training and working hard at their sport to make their dreams a reality. On November 14, National Signing Day, 13 Westmoore athletes signed to play their sports at the collegiate level.

Westmoore joins other schools across the nation for National Signing Day. The signing event is celebrated with family and friends by hosting a “senior table” decorated with photos, memorabilia, cookies, cupcakes and other goodies in the hospitality room.

Westmoore students on Signing Day:

Scotlyn Waldrip – Soccer at Southern Nazarene University, Oklahoma City

“It was fun. I always wanted to go to SNU, so I was excited I got the chance to sign with them. It was, also, exciting because I made my parents proud of me.”





Tristen Robb – Track and Field at the University of Central Oklahoma

“It’s definitely exciting. It is something I had been looking forward too for a long time, and it’s nice that I have my future planned out.”






Anthony Riley – Track and Field at the University of Tennessee

“Signing was one of the best moments of my life. I’m the first one in my family to go to a division one college, so it made my family really proud. It was everything I’ve ever wanted.”





Jenna Noel – Tennis at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay

“I kept telling myself not to trip up the stairs, but I was more ecstatic than anything else. I had been working to sign to a college for over ten years and now it’s like all my hard work has finally paid off.”





Erin Greenslade – Soccer at Southern Nazarene University, Oklahoma City

“It was a relief to sign. The signing took the pressure of getting into college off of my shoulders. I wasn’t nervous because I knew this was the right decision.”





Mckayla Franks -Softball at Seminole State College, Oklahoma

“Signing means the start of a new journey in my life, so I was very excited to be able to get my journey started.”






Brooklyn Fink – Soccer at Mid America Christian University, Oklahoma

“I wasn’t really nervous, I was more excited than anything. It’s a new step for me that I get to make with my sister.”

Bailey Fink – Soccer at Mid America Christian University, Oklahoma

“I was really nervous but I’m glad I took care of my future.”




Cade Evans – Wrestling at the University of Central Oklahoma

“I’ve always wanted to go to UCO, so signing wasn’t a hard decision. I was very confident and thrilled about my decision.”






Sabria Cooper – Volleyball at the University of Memphis, Tennessee

“The opportunity to play in college is a big deal to me. I’m also the first one in my family to go to college, so I feel blessed to have this opportunity.”





Alyssa Bert – Volleyball at Colorado Christian University

“I was excited to sign because I had been waiting for this moment for two years. It’s been a long wait but it was definitely worth it. I signed because I love volleyball and I just want to play it all the time,” senior Alyssa Bert said, “I’m very excited to go to college and play at a college level. I’ve been committed to Colorado state for two years, so it’s exciting to be official and ready to go.”






Madison Altom – Track and Field at Oklahoma City University

“I was excited because I never thought I would have the opportunity to sign, but I was definitely nervous to sign as well.”






Rylan Clayton – Soccer at Evangel University

“I was more excited than nervous because the college feels like home already and now I’m one step closer to home.”




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