Screen Time


Nameer Khan, Staff

Technology is advancing in front of our very eyes, it is becoming extremely convenient to do everything at the tip of our fingertips. The average millennial is actively engaged with the social media on multiple apps for about 15 hours per day. The average millennial checks their smartphone for about forty-three times and utilizes around five hours on these apps per day.

Although mostly all ages use smartphones, the millennial’s dominate this stat. With about ninety-seven percent of them owning a smartphone its became a necessary asset to our lives. But when exactly do we have to step up and acknowledge we spend too much time on our phones? Despite all the great things technology brings, it poses a severe health risk. Everything is almost too convenient for us consumers, and in some ways, it is making our lifestyles more laid back and easy, with that being said, technology in the classroom has made learning more fun and creative.

“Having the ability to have WIFI all around the school for us to use is really nice along with easy access to computers.” senior Bryan Z. said. 

Smart Boards made an appearance in the mid 2000’s which have made a huge impact. But, Obesity rates have been steadily increasing since 2004. This being around the time the first smartphone came out, it almost makes it seem as if all this has a correlation. Not to mention, some adults refer to this generation of teenagers as the group who “feels like everything is obligated to them In some ways, they are not wrong, the rate of teenagers who are employed has been steadily dropping since 2000.

In the grand scheme of things it all comes down to one word, and it’s Technology. Technology is improving our lives and making lifestyles easier, but at the same time it also a downside we are not opening our eyes to.

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