Tech Out

Isabella Ragsdale, Staff

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A day with no internet, November 14, 2018, is the day the Moore School District shut down the internet because a virus was detected.   During this “Tech Out,” as it was called, teachers, administrators, and the Moore Schools Technology Department staff were scrambling to find out what happened, find a solution, and build lesson plans with the knowledge that they were not sure when computers would be back up and running.

There was an abrupt halt to all computer use and users.

“It was sudden and the teachers didn’t have enough time to adapt and prepare things for us to do.  We got behind and class time was wasted,” Bailee N. said.

There was little information about the source of the virus.  By that afternoon, all computers were turned off and teachers were urgently instructed via intercom to do so.

“It definitely changed the way I was supposed to be taught,” Westmoore student Bailee N. said, “because all of my teachers had to adapt and do what would work best for them and us.”

Additionally, at least one computer teacher has not been able to use her computers in her Desktop Publishing class since this Tech Out, as there are still issues with the student computers in the classroom.

Overall, Westmoore students, faculty, staff, and administrators overcame the obstacles the Tech Out created.  Everyone learned to be flexible and understanding while being creative with lessons and assignments without the use of technology.

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