Binge Watching Good or Bad?

Jenny Bui, Staff

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Binge watching is when a person watches a show or movie and once it ends they want to see more and more, which is what teens do these days in their “free” time. Quoting free because some may have schoolwork but are procrastinating, however, some may watch shows on the weekends so that it doesn’t get in the way of school.

“I watch Black Butler which is an anime created from a Japanese manga, on Netflix but only for a couple of hours during the weekend. I like how it has an usual darker atmosphere than most other animes and I find the characters compelling and interesting.” senior John N. said. 

When people think of binge-watching they think oh that’s really bad for you and that’s not wrong because staring at a screen for so long can damage you and increase many health problems. Like if you search up on Google binge-watching the images that show up are people watching in the dark, which is bad for your eyesight.

However, there are pros of binge-watching, such as, being able to complete a tv/movie series, it can relieve stress because people mostly binge watch to escape, you’ll be able to see if any of your favorite actors/actresses are in any other shows, and of course watching with other people can increase friendship and bringing them closer.

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