An Overwhelming Life

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An Overwhelming Life

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“I’m rushing! Relax, just calm yourself. You can do this, just believe in you. Don’t panic; don’t overwhelm yourself.”             

Just take your time.

Do you ever have these thoughts or feel the emotions that you wish you didn’t feel? So does this tireless young girl. This is her.

Here lies a story of a young teenage girl, who is sixteen with a big heart. She lives this busy life, that is always moving, feeling rushed constantly. Dedicated and hardworking, but never stops. This anonymous girl wants to inform other students that feel this way, that they are not alone.

She is confident in what she does. She likes the busy lifestyle… well sometimes. Other days she feels lost. She wears the crown of stress, but her way of handling it is telling herself to breathe, giving herself a mental pep talk just so she can slow down and think about what she is doing.

She’s very athletic and has two competitive teams to practice for. Sometimes in one day. She is in extra activities at school and also works a part-time job. They are several days when she feels drained, tried, even weak. She says that it’s just a regular feeling.

She has good and bad days, just like any student at Westmoore. Her smile and happiness brings joy. All she wants to do is make others happy. She doesn’t like feeling like a failure, that’s her strongest fear. Letting others down. Failing at what she does. She continuously pushes herself, at times she pushes too much. Her mom strongly believes in her daughter. She’s proud of how independent she is and how driven she can be for her goals.

“I feel like she can handle it, I know it can be stressful for her and I think it overwhelms her at points, but there is nothing she can’t do. I strongly think she will reach her goals and follow her dreams.” Anonymous mother said.

Even with the good and the bad days, she’s still following a great path. Her mind is set on success and she strongly believes she will get there with lots of hard work. She has her life planned, but she knows some things will change along the way. She is willing to do what she can to make sure that she will reach her goal.

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