The Everyday Struggle


Olivia Czarniecki, Staff

Is it hard to get up in the morning? Feet dragging, hard to concentrate or even stay awake in your morning classes? Lack of sleep affects everyone in some sort of way but is it the districts fault for starting school too early? Students share their thoughts and opinions on whether starting school later would benefit them and give insight into their everyday morning struggles.

“I may, on average get five hours of sleep each night so I always have to have coffee or a Redbull before the start of the first hour, I can’t seem to stay awake!” Senior Sara K. said, “It was even worse when I had band practice in the morning before the first hour, my whole day would just feel exhausting.”

As children age into their teen years, many of them need more sleep than adults. Studies show that teens need at least 9-10 hours of sleep each night and with extra activities after school, homework, working a job and early practices before school it’s easy to see how this adds to the stress of also finding the time to,… oh yeah sleep!

Not getting enough sleep shows many bad effects on teens and academic performances ranging from depression to low test scores but would starting school later in the day help ease the stress on teens and benefit them more?

“I think even just starting school 30 minutes later would help me out because I sometimes have club meetings in the morning to set up for and having a little bit of extra time to just wake up would be nice.” Senior Carlos R. said.

“It’s sometimes hard just getting to the first hour because I’m tired but taking a test right when I wake up is even more stressful because I can’t seem to remember information for that test or lectures from that hour.” Senior Arendy R. said.

According to ScientificAmerican when conducting an experiment on delaying school start time they saw an increase in attendance, lower depression rates, reduced car crashes among teens and higher scores in math, English and science. Delaying the start time by an hour significantly show signs of mental and health improvement in teens. ScientificAmerican also mentions the same study was done in Europe and find it rare for high schools to start before 9:00 am in European schools. Overall showing higher test scores in that country.

So what’s your opinion? Should Westmoore or schools in general start later in the morning? Or is it up to us to catch up on our zzzzs.?   

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