Is the Earth Actually Flat? The Jagwire Investigates

Is there truth behind the “Flat Earth Theory?” The Jagwire investigates by talking with the flat earth community of Westmoore.


Kenny Kim, Editor

Editor’s Note: Out of respect of the privacy for those involved in the writing for this publication, we will not release the name of any person(s) whose quotes are included in this work. Opinions in this article do not reflect The Jagwire or its affiliates.

At a young age, kids are taught how to read world maps and globes. However, despite no actual scientific evidence, more and more celebrities are coming out as “flat earthers.” In this addition of The Jagwire, writing staff are enlightened by members of The Flat Earth Society (FES) and multiple Westmoore students with insight on the “flat world.”

What is a Flat Earther?

A flat earther is someone who believes the earth is a stationary disk with ice caps at the edge (no one has reached the edges yet). They claim the sun actually circles the earth. Famous flat earthers are Kyrie Irving, Shaquille O’Neal, and Tila Tequila. A recent study shows about 1/3 of millennial’s believe in this concept, including students at Westmoore High School.

“You know flat earthers, I guarantee it; but you don’t know who they are because they’re afraid of talking about it,” one flat earther said.

Evidence of the Flat World

Many flat earthers cite their senses and feelings as evidence. They claim space travel and satellite images to be faked by world powers. Most flat earthers commonly distrust governments, saying they are corrupt with greed of money and political gain.

Famously, flat earthers use the Bible as religious proof, pointing out the repetition of the phrase “four corners of the earth” and other scriptures.

“I believe the earth is stationary and flat, and I believe the bible supports it unequivocally. There is no doubt in my mind,” an unnamed “flat earth celebrity” said.

Round Earthers’ Circle of Thought

While there are people who believe the world is flat, the majority of Americans believe the Earth is flat, referred to as “round earthers” by the FES.

“The earth is round. Flat earthers are just stupid. There are hills and mountains,” a “round-earther” sophomore said.

Flat Earthers of Westmoore

Westmoore is home to a diverse student body of different ethnic backgrounds. Therefore it was no surprise there were flat earthers walking in and out of locker island. When interviewed, students were very serious and passionate about their flat earth beliefs. They reassured reporters that they were not joking and wholeheartedly disagree with the idea of a spherical world.

“I’m serious. I do believe the earth is flat. I just heard it one day and saw truth in it,” one student said.

In an inquiry to find the truth about the flat world, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest Earth is a disk. For a lack of better world, the earth is ROUND!