Truth Behind Yearbook

Nameer Khan, Contributor

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Most people perceive yearbook as a total blow off class, but they are extremely incorrect. The statement itself is unfathomable, and as a staff member of yearbook it frustrates me, because I truly know how much time is spent by the process. Yet we are united by one goal, and we build unbreakable bonds through the dedicating task our staff calls yearbook. Although, to the staff it’s more than just a book, the yearbook to us represents a significant amount of value. Behind the foundation of the book lies the tireless hours spent after school, the tiny tedious details examined continuously, and the relentless passion that the staff possessed throughout the entire process. “All the hours spent after school working on the book are finally worth it once we receive the final product,” senior editor Lynh H. said.

Although the creation of the book has its pros and cons, the yearbook has a deeper meaning as I mentioned earlier. This hidden aspect is the chemistry the staff builds with one another. At the beginning of the year, Mrs DeLong, our yearbook teacher, would organize these silly little activities, or at least that’s how we viewed them at the time, and they were just small little “ice breaker/team building activities”. “At first I didn’t get the jist of these activities, but as the year went on I understood the greater purpose of these activities,” staff member Kaedan H. said.

Yet, these activities were just the beginning of Mrs. DeLong’s plan to unite the staff from inside and out. Throughout the year the students built a bond unlike anything I’ve ever been apart of, and this in the grand scheme of things most definitely helped us finish the yearbook efficiently. At all times, the staff always held each other accountable in the most sincere way possible, and also picked up loose slack and never pointed fingers at one another.

Finally after we finished the yearbook, Mrs. DeLong put our chemistry to the ultimate test, and as you guessed, one final activity. The students were to successfully complete “The Web”, This activity consisted of students passing through a eight by twelve foot frame with strings going all through it unproportionally aligned. Hence, where it gets its name “The Web”, signifying a spider-web. The objective was simple, each student must get through the web without touching any strings and if somebody hits the string, the whole class must go back to the other side and start over. “At first I anticipated the activity to be a walk in the park, but soon I realized the true teamwork that was behind this activity,” Trever B. said.

After a two week long battle against the web, the staff finally accomplished the task and learned a great deal about one another throughout the process. “The Web” taught the staff qualities about one another we never thought we would be able to comprehend. In a sense, “The Web” signifies yearbook, everyone must always work together to complete the bigger picture, Mrs. DeLong helped shine the light on this matter, and the staff has learned immensely from it, and not just with “The Web”, Mrs. DeLong all year helped us learn the true meaning of yearbook. That meaning being, to always work together and have each others back, along with always looking at the bigger picture and consistently working towards the bigger picture.

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