Goodbye Maryland, Hello Oklahoma

Alyssa Dalley-Schofield, Staff

Freshman Hailey C. moved from Hughesville, Maryland to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma this past summer due to her father getting a job. “There’s a really great community here,” Hailey said. Moving and starting high school without knowing anyone can be scary. Hailey said, “It was actually nerve racking. I was worried about where I would fit in, how different the classes would be structured, and if I would be behind or ahead of everyone else.”


To adjust to Oklahoma, she has coped by getting lost in the world of books. Hailey said, “I love young adult dramas, anything about dogs, and anything by W. Bruce Carmen.” She has found an interest in art and photography along with having a great eye for both. “I’m constantly taking pictures or doing weird art things,” Hailey said. Reading and creating things has served as an outlet for her transition here.

With this huge transition, along with not knowing anyone, she has broken out of her shell and made friends through her Pre-AP classes and her Judo class. Hailey said, “I have a few good friends here that make my day so much better and I found this great community at my Judo club which makes me look forward to going. It’s like one big family.” Joining her Judo class in September 2018, she has made her way to an orange belt.

Hailey has recently been accepted into Moore Norman Technology Center for the engineering program. “I’m hoping that next year will shine a light on where I’m heading so that I can focus in that area,” said Hailey. She is shooting for a masters or bachelor’s degree once in college.

Hailey C. is a nice, amazingly spirited person who will brighten your day. This transition must have been very difficult for her younger brother, mother, and father; however, she has fought through it and shined her light to make the transition better.