Billie Eilish: A Star in the Making

Lynh Hoang, Staff

Becoming a hit sensation among this generation’s teens, Billie Eilish moves her way up to the top of the charts at only 17 years old. On December 18, 2001, Billie was born into a musically inclined family full of actors and musicians. Growing up, Billie often acted in homemade films and danced often. She joined choir at eight years old which starting her passion for singing. Billie’s first hit single “Ocean Eyes” dropped in early 2016 getting more than 10 million views. “Ocean Eyes was the first song I had heard from Billie Eilish, and it made me fall in love with her music.” Senior Siamyra Wilson said.   She had worked on the song for her brother Finneas who was her biggest influence in her music career, and with his help and ideas, Billie’s first hit song went viral. This was her first real exposure to the music industry.

Billie Eilish’s inspirations come from her synesthesia.  Synesthesia is about relating senses like colors and shapes to numbers and shapes. This helps Billie’s creative process in song writing and video ideas. Billie created a museum with the idea of her synthesia pertaining to the “Bury A Friend” album. “I wanted to take my synesthesia and give it to the world and show everybody what it feels like.” She said in a Billboard interview. Billie’s vision and creative skills is what stands her apart from other singers. At such a young age Billie is taking over the music industry with  hit songs like “Bellyache” with 41 million streams, and “Bad Guy” number seven on the top 100 charts.