Shredder Syrus

Trever Berdinner, Staff

Embracing the profound lifestyle of a pro skater, junior Jayden S. , embarked upon his skating journey around January 2017. Introduced what at first was just a hobby, but soon Jayden’s close friend, Logan Shropshire, introduced him to the sport and eventually it became a lifestyle. “I really got hooked to skating whenever I landed my first trick, an ollie, after that I was determined to get better,” Syrus said.

Jayden S. looks up to 15 year old pro skater, Kader Sylla, who skates for the popular board brand “Baker Skateboards”, he inspires Jayden to get out and skate whenever he has free time during his day. Sylla catches skaters eyes from around the world with his outstanding and creative tricks he performs. “I have been skating for three years and Kader has always stood out to me as an amazing skater in the industry,” Jayden said.

Over the years, Jayden has had struggles with skating like anybody else would. Spending hours upon hours skating at parks, downtown streets, sidewalks, and parking garages just getting more comfortable on his board and constantly learning new tricks. “From the start I’ve always had to work really hard learning new tricks, I’ve also had to deal with falling and hurting myself all the time, but sometimes when I fall hard it helps me really commit to next time I try the trick,” Jayden said. He has, and will continue his journey on developing himself into a high class skater in hopes of getting sponsored and becoming a pro in the sport.