Is Your Phone Stalking You?


Christina Phillips, Staff member

Have you ever been surfing the web and then go to Facebook and see an ad of the same thing you were just searching? How about getting in your car and your phone knows where you’re about to go? If you have experienced any of this, then you are not alone.  

There has been multiple studies about your phone tracking what you look at. Google has admitted to tracking what you look. Facebook also has admitted that then look at what you search so they know what adds to put on your feed.  So the question is, why do these sites do this?

Google keeps tabs on what you do because it is manufactured to do so. Google tracks where you live, where you go, the IP address you use when you look things up. Also, when you first sign up for a Facebook account and they ask you to grant them access to your location. They use this information to show locally relevant content or ads.

There are ways to get these websites to try to stop tracking you but it will ultimately never end. As long as you use a form of social media, you will always have someone or something tracking you.