Full of Grace

Abby Vaughan, Contributor

Finding the light in what seems like absolute darkness has the potential to be a simple task or a life-altering decision. The choices we make, build us to be who we are as people. For senior Marli E, this choice meant everything. Those who know Marli, know of her heart filled with kindness and love for everyone around her, no matter their differences. Many though, don’t know her story.

In 2006, Marli’s life was forever changed. Her mom, Melinda, was diagnosed with breast cancer. This put unimaginable heart ache into the lives of everyone who knew her. While her body continuously fought the disease, she never missed a moment to be with her children. Her faith in God fueled her to teach her kids how to be full of grace and selflessness. She showed them how to grow to be christians, seeking Jesus and pouring into the hearts of those around them. When she tragically passed away in 2007, her message had a lasting impact on Marli.

With endless opportunities ahead of her, she chose to use that sadness and pain to turn herself into the person she is today. “People always ask me how I stay so happy and positive all the the time. I leaned heavily on Jesus and have so many wonderful, supportive friends around me who keep me on my feet,” Marli said.

Always putting others first and staying strong in her faith, she keeps her mom living on in her own life and the lives of those close to her.