Cavett Kids

Mary-Grace McNutt, Contribution

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What if you have a life threatening problem, where you spent your childhood years in and out of hospital?While this may be hard for someone to go through,at Cavett Kids Foundation its a place where a kid has the option to get out of the hospital and just be a kid.

 Cavett Kids Foundation is a non-profit organization for kids with life threatening or chronic disease, attend to different camps for free.The list of camps are: Camp Cavett ,Ski Camp, Heart Camp, Leadership Camp, Beach Camp.

 The Westmoore family has three students who have been to the camps freshman, Amelia F  has gone to Beach Camp and Camp Cavett, sophomore, Braxton M has gone to Ski Camp and Camp Cavett  and, sophomore, Mary-Grace M has gone to Camp Cavett.

“The camps are a place where you could find someone who has the same illness as you while you can make lifelong friendships with the other campers”, said Braxton M.  

The Cavett Kids Foundation is not just about the camps it also has year round events where the kids can get involved.“I have gone to many outside events beside the camps like a pool party and Top Golf”,said Braxton M.

The Cavett Kids Foundation is a place where it’s about the kids and helping them find a place where they can be a kid instead of worrying about what the diagnosis and treatment.

To find out more and if you would like to make a donation please go to: `


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