A Joyous Gift

Julie L

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You look down and see the pregnancy test is positive. Your heart sinks. Your emotions are everywhere. Your first thought is….

Life is unexpected, so learning to plan accordingly is complicated. Especially when you find out you are pregnant. Add being a teenager on top of that. Your life is about to change forever.

When senior Andrea G. found out she was pregnant her world  shifted. But  she had a great team of support. “My family has always been my biggest support system. Each and everyone of them let me know they were there for me, including my best friends,’ Andrea said.

She did not let any negativity bring her down. “Everyone saw I was happy and they were happy for me. Being a teen mom doesn’t mean your life is over. It doesn’t mean you can’t do anything,” Andrea said.

Andrea has taken courses online so she can spend more time with her little one. She has a full time job at an immigration law firm. She is on an escaramuza team, a Mexican rodeo team, which is what she does on the weekends. Her life is filled with things that make her happy. “It’s worth it in the end. If I have to spend time studying after she is asleep, I will do that because I value every every moment we are together,” Andrea said.

At the end of this month, Andrea  will walk across the stage with her senior class of 2019. She was accepted to the University of Oklahoma in January and will attend classes in August.

“Being a mother is the most beautiful gift of life. I love my life.”

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