Goodbye Westmoore

   “We perform our hearts into our show,” chants Westmoore guard before every varsity and color guard performance. This saying means something different for the former coach Mallory Sutherland. For the past 13 years Mallory “Mally” has been a part of the guard in some way, shape or form. All through high school she was a part of the varsity winterguard and color guard. After graduating high school Sutherland was a tech, or coach assistant, for four years, followed by being an assistant director with another school for a year. In 2015,  Sutherlin came back as the head director and remained in this position until this year, 2019. Surrounded by the future members of Westmoore Guard, and with tears in her eyes, Mallory announced that she will be ending her time at Westmoore. “The decision was truly one of the hardest I’ve had to make,” Sutherlin said.

      Although this decision was difficult for Mallory, it was as difficult for the students. Junior Troy C. said, “I was upset…but I know it was the best decision for Mally”. The students mean very much to Mallory , “Watching my students always gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes,” Sutherlin said. Although leaving Westmoore was a difficult thing to do, she believes it was the best for her future. As she leaves, there will always be a piece of Westmoore with her and there will always be a piece of “Mally” in the students that she taught. “As I move on in my life, I just truly hope all of my students know how much of an impact they have had on me…No matter where I go from here, the memories and relationships I have made will be with me for a lifetime,” Sutherland said.