What a Shame


Brie Oliver, Contributor

Do you think you have a good taste in music, but your friends think otherwise? Shaming you and shutting you down by laughing at your favorite jam. They called it “ trash” but you thought it was the greatest hit made! Music makes us feel different, giving us this new perspective, or a new meaning. We all love to jam out with our friends and have a favorite song we all sing. When it’s time to listen to something new, everyone seems to have an opinion.

  Teenagers love a good beat, we follow the sound and groove. Teens follow the crowd, enjoying what our friends listen to (sometimes). Maybe we just try to fit in and tell ourselves we love Trap/Hip-hop music, but really you’re a country girl at heart. “ I’ve grown up listening to country music because that’s what my family loved. People tell me that I shouldn’t listen to country music because it isn’t popular, or they hate the sound of it, “ junior Keegan B said.

  Everyone has a different preference on what music they like. Some like a variety, some only listen to one type. Like junior Kennadee R. Listens to Rock and Broadway, “ I love all kinds of  music but I love Rock and Broadway the most because it has a story to it.”

We should not be judged on what music we listen to and we should not be judged on why we like that type of music. Beats and sounds are apart of this generation. We should be able to enjoy it. That’s my opinion.