The Evans Boys

Kaleigh Donaldson, Staff

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Being apart of a high school sports team is amazing, but having your dad as your coach and competing right next to your brother tops it all off. Sophomore Cooper Evans gives insight on how it is to have his dad as his coach. “ Hard work and to never give up is what he has taught me. Any time I’m in a match and I get tired I always remember to stay motivated and not give up,” Cooper said. Cooper has been wrestling for 10 years with his dad coaching him before high school. Cooper was asked if he is going to continue wrestling after high school and he has decided not to.

Will Evans, the head wrestling coach at Westmoore, has been coaching his son’s since they started wrestling in elementary school, “ Whenever I had high school coaching duties, my wife Heather would take them to their tournaments,” Coach Evans said. Being the head coach and watching your players compete can be very intense, but watching your sons and coaching your sons can be a different feeling. “ I probably get more nervous for them than I did when I wrestled myself. I get nervous because I know how much time and effort they put into the sport of wrestling and I want them to be as successful as they can be,” Coach Evans said.

Usually you hear of coaches coaching their kids harder or being less hard on them, but not in this case. Being the coach of your kids can be very hard especially trying to contain the parent inside of you during a match. “ I mainly try to be dad when it comes to wrestling. Of course, they practice like everyone else, but when it comes down to match time I try to let the other coaches coach them during tournaments and duals,” Coach Evans said. Coaching one kid is fun enough, but have two to coach can get very interesting

Senior Cade Evans has been wrestling for 11 years since second grade. “ It’s nice being coached under my dad because he knows me better than any other coach would. He’s a great coach and knows how to get me to listen and learn,” Cade said about his father being his coach. Growing up surrounded by the sport you love has a lot of pros especially whenever your father, family, and friends love and play or played the same sport. “ I was always around wrestling and since my dad has always been a coach and a lot of family and friends were wrestlers, it was kind of just a set up for me,”  Cade said with growing up on wrestling. Being on a high school sports team you have very strong bonds with your teammates, but your brother being your teammate could be a bond that never breaks. “ I love having my brother as a teammate, he’s the closest teammate I’ve had and we know each other so well that we make each other better,” Cade said.

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