Speech and Debate take State

Katie Davison

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Adrenaline pumping through their veins, WHS Speech and Debate sat hand in hand, waiting to hear the long anticipated news: they were consecutive state champions. The road to success was long and hard, the team worked tirelessly. Through practicing four days a week, competing seven consecutive weekends, to the hours of off the clock training, the team deserved every second of their sweet victory.  

Having the most state qualifications in the competition only boosted morale and increased determination. After winning regional’s and qualifying 46 events to state, practice intensity increased. Competitors began upping their practice schedule. “Qualifying for state only made me more determined to win, I started practicing even more than I did previously,” said freshman Kama W.  

Four members of the team walked away with an individual state titles senior Siamyra W. in Original Oratory, junior Jacob M. in Poetry, freshman Evan H. in Humorous Interpretation, and sophomore Cecelia A. in both Standard Oratory and Dramatic Interpretation.  “After finding out I won state in two events it was crazy, all of the hard work paid off,” said Cecelia A.

Continuing on with their success, on May 9-11th select members of the team went to the Nation Individual Events of Champions tournament in Nebraska.  Only the top competitors of the nation qualified to compete at this tournament. “I had a ton of fun competing with some really talented competitors,” said Evan H.  

Making Westmoore history Siamyra W. made it into top 30  for Original Oratory, Cecelia and Jacob M. made it into the top 30 for duet, senior Malachi C. and Evan H. made it into top 30 in duet, Malachi C. received 6th in Dramatic Interpretation, and Cecelia A. received 3rd.  Both Malachi C. and Cecelia A. competed in the nationals finals round for dramatic interpretation. This was the first time in school history that a student has qualified to perform in a nationals finals round. (Malachi Quote)  

This June, 14 students will travel to Dallas Texas where they will have their final competition of the season against the best in the nation.  “It is really scary competing in nats, but I’m just going to have to work as hard as I can with Abby H. and keep my head up,” said junior Katelyn J.  With another tournament on the books the sky’s the limit.

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