Moore War Drama Skit

Bella Ragsdale, Staff

September 6, 2019, was an important day for Westmoore as students and faculty geared up for the 32nd Moore War game.  The assembly to commemorate this rivalry was one for the books.  The drama students always put on a performance to get the student body hyped for the big game.  This year’s performance was titled, “Westmoore’s Got Talent,” similar to the television show, “America’s Got Talent.”  Moore and Westmoore were both represented in the auditions in the skit. The students of Westmoore cheered on the performance as many laughed at the ridiculous auditions by the “Moore” contestants.

“My favorite part was the crowd’s reaction.  They really got involved, and that was really cool,” senior Kennadee R. said.

“I liked being Bob Ross.  It was hilarious portraying a character that no one would expect.  Ultimately, hearing the crowd laugh was my favorite part,” senior Alyssa H. said.

For the finale, Moore High School lost, and the crowd erupted by chanting, “We love drama!”  This year’s drama skit added an extra thrill to the Moore War festivities.