Pom Pounces on Moore War

Karsyn Scruggs, Editor

Westmoore Pom is known nationwide for their numerous national titles, but locally, fans are most excited for their Moore War routine. There are nineteen girls on the squad and they are coached by Emily Shock and Natalie Zielny. This year, the team started working on their dance on the first day of school, August 15th. The routine consisted of several popular songs, such as “Woah” by KRYPTO9095 and “Tempo” by Lizzo. They performed their number at the Moore War assembly and at halftime during the game, making both events more enjoyable for faculty, parents, and the student body.

Last year, Westmoore Pom had seven graduating seniors. This meant the number of new faces on the team would be larger than past years. Nine girls, more than half of the team, performed at their first Moore War assembly and game, an experience they’ll never forget. 

“My first Moore war being on Pom was so much fun. From the assembly to the game, the students really helped build our energy. It was amazing getting to perform at my first halftime,” junior Brianna N. said. 

At the same time, three seniors performed at their last Moore War. Emily S., Brooklyn B., and Olivia N., have been on the Westmoore Pom all four of their high school years and have made countless memories they will have forever,  many of those at a Moore War assembly or game. The game was one of the first of many lasts for the seniors, so it was an emotional night.

“My last Moore War was bittersweet. It was sad knowing it was my last one, but getting to perform in front of such an excited student body was fantastic. I’ll miss the crowd energy more than anything,” senior Olivia N. said. 

While the experiences from each individual game may differ for each girl, Moore War creates long lasting memories for the pom squad year after year.