Jags Roll On

Nameer Khan, Staff

MOORE – With stakes being at an all time high, the football team knew this year’s match up would be no walk in the park. In previous years, the Jaguars had smothered the Lions with no room for leniency. Yet, the talk of Moore’s football program improving this year had echoed throughout the halls of Westmoore.

“I wasn’t sure if we were going to win the game, I thought we would lose the streak my last year as a student at Westmoore High,” an anonymous Westmoore senior said.

The risk of losing the precious streak was at an all time high, yet the adversity played little to no effect on the football team.

“It seemed as if everyone was doubting us, but it did not bother us as a team. We knew if we rallied our team like we practiced, and played our football, we would win the game,”  wide receiver, senior, Andrew Metcalf said.

The Jaguars would proceed to trade blow for blow against the Lions until the fourth quarter. Towards the end of the game, the defense made crucial back-to-back stops, followed by the offense capitalizing on the defense’s overdue success. The team went on to defeat the Lions with a score of 44-35. Celebrating in joy, the team strolled off the field as “Moore War” champions for the nineteenth year in a row.