The Dream That Changed Everything


Kenny Kim

Mrs. Palmer smiles happily in front of the vividly painted walls of the Blue Room.

JinJu Nam, Staff

The special education teacher, Brenda Palmer, painted the “The Blue Room” at the end of the red hall during the summer for her students.

Mrs. Palmer had a dream about two years ago when she was teaching in elementary school. She aspired to make a sensory room to help relieve the stress and anxiety that her students undergo.

“I had a dream of being on the ocean floor, and it was so vivid. It was like I was walking around with what was understood to be my students in this dream, but these students were taller and bigger than me. So, I questioned God in the dream by saying ‘God these aren’t my students’ cause what he was saying to me was ‘You need to paint a sensory room,'” Mrs. Palmer said.

“When God tells you something and he shows you something, I know you may question whatever that is, I know I did, but listen because there’s a reason and there’s a purpose.” ”

— Mrs. Palmer

The whole experience was very significant to her as it lead her on a different path. She was confused at first because she was a resource teacher at an elementary school when she had that dream. Mrs. Palmer then became a teacher at Westmoore for special education. Her dream was buried for some time until she realized her students go through anxiety and stress often. The dream reemerged into her mind as she wanted to decompress her students. She suddenly remembered her very vivid dream, and she was able to convince Mr. Hunt to paint a small storage room to resemble the ocean-like-scenery in her dream.

Mrs. Palmer fought to make sure the room was exactly like her dream, even if the school district had some problems with painting the room. This shows her endless love and care for her students. The blue room has changed her students’ school day completely.

“I have had parents that have called me and said thank you so much for designing the blue room,” Mrs. Palmer said.

From what started off as a simple nighttime dream led to a significant change in her students’ lives.