Michelle Nguyen, Staff

The term VSCO and VSCO girl is becoming a trend. Being a VSCO girl would be characterized by: wearing oversized shirts, scrunchies, Birkenstocks, and Vans. In addition VSCO girls has a Hydroflask with a metal straw to save the turtles and makes a video on TikTokTikTok is an app for creating short, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos. It all started with the app VSCO used to edit photos. 

VSCO- some like it and some do not.

“I’m a VSCO girl because I love the style of a VSCO girl and I just like being one,” Melina N. said.

“I feel ashamed sometimes because people make fun of me for being a VSCO girl and saving the turtles. I care about the turtles. I even have a metal straw and 65 scrunchies. — I counted. We don’t deserve the hate because we’re just trying to be ourselves,” freshman Melina N. said. 

“I don’t like the VSCO style. It looks like every basic 90s mean girl group,” freshman Peyton W. said.

Trends come and go. This school year will remember VSCO.



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