Best News Apps for Winter 2019 Scraps

Andrew Nguyen

It is  getting cold and dark outside, but just how dark is it getting outside, and is that from the shortening of the day, or is it a storm rolling in? Here are some of the news apps that can help you find out how cold it will really be when you go out.

  1. Google Play Newsstand

In terms of reviews, this app takes the spotlight. It has the capability to update you on many world issues based on what you like. It is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and it is powered by a very trusted company. This is one you will want to have around. Download (Android, iOS)

  1. Flipboard

This is another Android and iOS compatible news app that have different capabilities than the Newsstand. For one, it organizes all your interests into one big magazine instead of sending them to you in a list. It contains news from many different trusted sources, like the New York Times. This is probably better if you are caring less about daily news and more about news on important events. Download (Android, iOS)

  1. Smartnews

Smartnews is a great news app that has a more unique play than the others. It can set times to update your news feed and allows you to read in offline mode. The one thing it is missing is a weather section.

Download (Android, iOS)


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