Ranch Dressing Chug for the Win

Speech and Debate does it again at their Grapevine Tournament


WESTMOORE HIGH SCHOOL- It has been a great journey for the Speech and Debate team to big wins at Nationals in Dallas, TX in June.  The team has started this school year with another big win at the tournament in Grapevine, TX in September. The team of freshmen to seniors compete in tournaments from September to June. 

On September 6-7, the Speech and Debate team made their way to the tournament at Grapevine. Billy Elles has been the coach for seven years. He challenged the students to either place in the Grapevine Classic Tournament or have one of the students be a top performer. The team accomplished both. He told the students that if they made their goal, he would chug ranch dressing soda.

“It was the WORST. I was glad that I HAD to do it, because that meant the kiddos reached their goals, but it was so gross. So GROSS,” Mr. Elles said.

They spend three to six hours each day practicing after school and at home in preparation of upcoming tournaments.

Competing is a great time commitment and requires a considerable amount of effort. “I probably spend around 6 hours a day working and thinking about speech. Sometimes it can be stressful. Although this program is so stressful, it’s worth it,” sophomore Kama W. said.

Standing in front of a convenience store, the speech team celebrates sophomore Evan Howell.

“If you find your voice in this program, you won’t mind the extra workload,” three-year team member, senior Jacob M. said.  

Mr. Elles message is, “Speech and Debate is a family where voices are enhanced, ideas are grown, and incredible stories are told.”  

Tournament Results-


Riley D/Jasmin C – 5

Elise J/Weston T – 2


Riley D/Evan H – 6

Cece A/Jasmin C- 5


Jasmin C- 5

Cece A – 2


Jasmin C – 5

Cece A- 1


Cece A- 2


Kama W – 3

Top Performer

Cece  A- 3

Team – 2nd Place

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