Traditional Moore War Sleepover


Kenzie Gavin

Cheer performing during the Moore War halftime show.

Ayomide Oloyede, Staff

No sleep the night before the big game? You bet! Westmoore cheer squad’s traditional sleepover before Moore War was held again this year. The sleepover hypes up all the festivities that happen the next day.

The team is coached by Jenni Hawkins, Natalie Moore, Mallory Rigsby, and Marcy Woodson, and there are 16 members on the squad, including 8 seniors. “My last year performing at Moore War was bittersweet. I enjoyed every second of it and made sure it was the best one yet. I was nervous as I am for every performance but this one made feel stronger as an athlete and made me feel closer to the team because it’s my last go around” said  senior Brielle O.

 Moore War and the traditions that come with it help the team bond and grow together as a family. Along with the annual sleepover, cheer uses a certain uniform for the Moore War game and only that game. 

“It was a lot of fun! I loved being with my team the night before the big game. It was just so amazing to bond even more with people I love and care for,” freshman Alexissole B said. 

During their performances they had no stunt falls and they hit their routine. The music mix part of the routine was based off The Greatest Showman. They practiced over the summer, putting in a multitude of hours to have a successful performance. Overall, Westmoore cheer has many traditions that make Moore War the event it is.