Santa, Granny’s House and Family

Sharing Christmas traditions

Ally Hunter and Taylor Smith put last minute touches on Winter Wishes gifts.

Casey Jones

Ally Hunter and Taylor Smith put last minute touches on Winter Wishes gifts.

Hailey Carroll, Staff Writer

A holiday more than Santa Claus coming to town and gifts, traditions are a big part of the Christmas season. There are different types of traditions some extremely popular, others not so much, and some personal to a specific family, normally based around the spirit of Christmas.

“Santa is the idea of giving something without expecting anything in return,” math teacher Ms. Truesdell said.

Christmas is more about what you can give to other people, like adopting a child to provide them with a Christmas they would not otherwise get. Whether they do this through the school, their church, or some other organization the students and teachers all agree that this is a favorite Christmas tradition that so many members of the community participate in.

“Every year on Christmas eve we go to my granny’s house and spend the night with family, and we all get matching pajamas,” sophomore Jaden Brassfield said.

Spending Christmas day or the eve with family or grandparents, is a common tradition that students have in common. Though matching family pajamas is not as popular it’s not an uncommon tradition.

“I like to listen to Elvis’s Blue Christmas, that was one of my great grandmother’s favorite songs by him. It helps me remember her and how much I love the Christmas season,” sophomore Alyssa Dalley-Schofield said.

Remembering the loved ones we have lost is an important way to stop and appreciate all you have during the Christmas season.

“On Christmas eve we all lay under the Christmas tree and look up at all the lights and ornaments. And then Christmas morning we make homemade cinnamon rolls,” senior Megan Scraper said.

“At about twelve o’clock Christmas eve me and my father get up and eat all the Christmas cookies my little sisters set out for Santa,” freshman Mariyah Alexander said.

“Every year at my grandmother’s house we have a big nerf gun war, all the little kids get super excited and they stock up on ammo to throw at the adults to try and help,” freshman Madison Sloan said.

Family gatherings are a big part of the holiday season but can be very different for each family a nerf war being the unique way the Sloan family come together. These are just a few of the traditions of students during the Christmas season.