Spider-Man and Debate

Ethan Chong, Staff Writer


There’s a new member of speech and debate that everyone’s talking about. The team frequently travels for the contest and puts in a lot of work and effort for their craft and this can make things very competitive and involves a lot of hard work. Spider-man is in the speech and debate team. He’s always there to encourage the team along. “He’s there to cheer the team and is always there to lift up the spirit of the members,” three-year speech and debate member Jennifer V. said.

And he even performs at events, such as birthday parties. The Spider-man has been attending the team for two years, and the team loves him.  Spider-man seems to come around whenever the team is in the need for uplifting spirits, so he’s there to save the day. The identity of Spider-man still stays anonymous. The team may know who’s wearing the Spider-man outfit, but the other students may never know.

Speech and debate are a collaborative course in which students execute various kinds of dialogue or speech writing.

Speech and Debate Team