Canvas Shutdown

Keaton Greer, Staff Writer

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Canvas was shut down for about 48 hours and to most, the shutdown really came out of nowhere prior to finals in December.  It left some teachers without their assignments and students with no way of doing their work.

Now while some students may have saw this as a quick break before finals week others saw it as a complete waste of time. Keeping students from doing their work and unable to study for the next week. The shutdown had affected many teachers differently, those mainly affected being the few who completely switched to the Canvas Courses.

Those teachers were completely cut off from their plans and assignments while others like one Mrs. Whitney Stafford had no issues with the shutdown, “I was not affected by the shutdown. I had already entered assignments when the shutdown occurred.” She said when being asked whether she was affected by the shutdown.

The shutdown might be old news now, but it brings the light to the question of; will this happen again? But Mrs. Stafford had an answer for that too, “I am not fearful of another shutdown. Of course, we all must work around technology issues. Perhaps next semester when all assignments for all classes will be on Canvas this might cause more stress if Canvas is shut down for a long period of time.”


So, is it possible the shutdown will happen again? As stated by Moore Public Schools Director of Technology  Jun Kim “Possible. There is nothing that is 100% uptime guarantee. We work very diligently to make sure these situations are minimal. Unfortunate we are at the mercy of outside factors. For example. All this may be resolved, but if we lose internet connectivity or their server goes down, it we may be hit with the same situation and have to wait until they can resolve.”


It happened and it may happen again; so now what? After all is said and done, we can all say that this could have been worse. Canvas could have been down for much longer, or at a more inopportune time.


But technology is a fickle thing, and even all the precautions sometimes fail. We just need to work around it, we need to move on and be prepared for the possibility of it happening again. So maybe the next time you’re planning an assignment have an extra precaution for that possibility to happen. Because everything eventually happens, you just have to wait for it.