Alyssa Martens, Staff Writer

$300 in donations was collected by Mr. Chandler Dawson’s first hour class for Winter Wishes. Winter Wishes is a gift giving program that focuses on providing gifts for children in need. Student Council sponsors the charitable event in December. First hour classes sign up to sponsor a child or children. The children are selected by counselors and teachers from the Westmoore feeder schools.

Exceeding expectations for Winter Wishes was Mr. Chandler Dawson’s first hour class. His Spanish III class sponsored 3 children with their class of 18 students. Students donated $140 of cash but in total they spent $300. “It just surprised me how much kids were willing to give. Even though we had more kids than I’ve ever done, we got more gifts for those kids than I’ve ever gotten,” said Mr. Dawson.

He was proud of their desire to donate and participate in this cause. Even through any difficulties, the class was not deterred. The students had a shortage of boxes near the end, but through more students’ donations they were able to get enough to fully wrap and decorate the gifts. Each child was fully taken care of through the students’ generosity and philanthropism.

Mr. Dawson made it a point to participate in the program this year and was pleasantly surprised of the results compared to past years. Westmoore is known for its involvement in charities whether it be Pom’s donations with the blanket drive, the book drive for Fisher Elementary students or the fundraiser Moore Love.