Ready for What the Future Holds?

Ready for What the Future Holds?

Beth Martinez, Staff Writer

Two wanting to go to college, one joining the military, and one up in the air. How much do they really know about their future? Students talked about their future including careers they want to pursue, if they want to go to college, and how it’s going currently for them. The careers they were interested in were police officer, welding, the military, and being a high school teacher.

Two of the four students wanted to go to college, only one wanted to go to an university, and the other prefers community college. Oklahoma State University (OSU) and OCCC are their first options. They have plans on how to pay for college and seem ready for

it. Sophomore Harper W. wants to join the Air Force. She’s a little nervous about it, but she’s excited. She is wanting to join after high school. Herfriend Jay-Jay was very passionate about it, and that has inspired her for this. Harper wants to carry on her legacy. “She really loved it and I want to continue the path she was going down.”

Sophomore Adrian R. does not want to go to college. He wants to pursue welding by going to Moore Norman Technology Center. His dad has encouraged him for this career by being very motivating. He is not planning on going to college because he doesn’t feel it’s right for him and it isn’t something he is interested in.