It is Called One-To-Ones

Kaden Wright, Staff Writer

One-to-ones are coming in August 2020. Students will be receiving a Dell 3190 to help make education run smoother. One-To-One devices are small, mobile laptops and that can be used for a multitude of things, like school projects and work. “Providing a device for students has been a long-time goal of Superintendent Romines, before my position even existed,” MPS head of technology, Brandon Wilmarth said.

One-to-ones have been given to certain classes as a pilot program this school year for user feedback. “I love the idea, but the content restrictions can be frustrating,” Mrs. DeLong said. She is one of the teachers who is part of the pilot program. Her classes do not use the one-to-ones, but she creates lessons on it.

“Lots of websites that are educational in nature are being blocked by our laptop client filter. There are some device settings that were blocked initially on the laptop that wouldn’t allow them to customize things like the background image, battery settings and other preference settings,” Wilmarth said.

The pilot program has provided feedback for the program. In a school system of 22 schools, what happens whenever a laptop is damaged or lost? “Technology and Asset Control departments are currently looking into an insurance program that a student/their family can pay an annual ‘Tech Fee’ that will cover the cost of the laptop. More information will come out in the next few months as they finalize the cost and structure, but the working number is $50 per year will cover a student if anything were to happen to the laptop,” Wilmarth said.