Voices of Christmas

Megan Scraper, Staff Writer

Westmoore High School’s Chamber Choir performs a festive act of community service. On Sunday, December 2, 2019, Westmoore High  School’s Chamber Choir performed at Southern Hills Baptist Church for their seasonal Christmas Concert. They were joined by True Voice, a select choir from Oklahoma Baptist University, the Southern Hills Baptist Church Choir, and three choice soloists. They performed several Christmas songs including “Infant Holy, Infant Lowly” and “Jingle Bell Fantasy.” The featured musicians finished the program by singing a Christmas medley of “Joy to the World.”

The “Voices of Christmas” program was held the night before the WHS Winter Choir Concert. When asked about how that impacted rehearsal leading up to the two events, senior Ashlyn S. said, “It was a little stressful in class because we had the regular concert the next day. We were stressed about getting the songs ready and there were only a couple weeks after Thanksgiving that we had time to prepare. Though it was stressful, I think it turned out really great.”

The limited amount of time leading up to the back-to-back performances created mixed emotions within the choir. “I wasn’t really looking forward to it at first, but once I got there it was a really good service and I really enjoyed it,” said senior Aurian E. when asked if she enjoyed performing in Voices of Christmas. “It was really fun actually. I got to stand next to some of the Southern Hills choir members and they were really good,” said junior Brylea C. when asked how she felt about the performance.
Westmoore High School’s chamber choir is actively involved in contributing to the community. While she claimed it was a stressful experience, senior Ashlyn S. concluded with, “I had an awesome time singing at Southern Hills and it makes me excited to go and contribute to our community in an infinite amount of other ways!”