Car Parade Allows Teachers to Connect With Students From a Distance

Elementary kids see their teachers again in organized car parade amidst COVID-19


Dawn Jones

Heritage Trails kindergarten teacher Mrs. Lyndsay Dukes waves to her students as she drives throughout neighborhoods.

MOORE, OKLA – There is nothing as unique as the bond between a student and a teacher.

As Oklahoma scrambles to contain the spread of COVID-19, the State Board of Education voted Wednesday, March 25, to close all public school buildings for the remainder of the school year.

This change hit the Moore community dramatically. It has been three weeks since students last saw their teachers of whom they spent a year building a relationship with.

To cope with the unexpected news, starting on the week of March 22, 2020, Moore Public Schools elementary teachers drove in waves through their students’ neighborhoods. They spent hours beforehand painting their car windows and hand-making signs. The teachers rolled down their windows to express how much they missed and loved their kids

Dawn Jones
Heritage Trails second grade teacher Mrs. Lisa Granato holds a sign for her students to see.

“It was honestly a little emotional. I’m typically not a very emotional person just by nature, but even I got a little choked seeing the kids. It was so nice to see so many familiar faces and people showing their school spirit. I actually noticed quite a few people who were out watching the parade but didn’t have any children or their children were older. Some whose children were also too young for Fisher. They just wanted to show their support and wave, too. It was a very cool experience,” Fisher Elementary teacher Robyn Freeman said.

With kids chalking sweet notes on their driveways, families held thoughtful posters and waved at the car parade from a safe distance. 

“The teacher drive-by was so emotional. The teachers were so thoughtful and intentional to pass by all the Fisher students with decorated cars and signs. Waving good-bye to all the sixth grade teachers, specialists and even the office staff… I was in tears. I was grateful for the closure it afforded. A beautiful way to end an unexpected school year,” Fisher Elementary parent Amber Gunter said.

The parade gave students and teachers an opportunity to see each other again, even if it was from a distance.