The End of the Beginning: OSSAA ends spring sports early due to covid-19

Oklahoma spring athletics officially end weeks after starting due to health concerns


Gisselle Acuna

Senior Kylee Munson

Junior Hayden Duke scores a goal in the Deer Creek game and one of the last games of the short lived season.

The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA) cancelled the spring athletic season (consisting of baseball, golf, slowpitch softball, soccer, tennis and track) on Thursday, March 12th due to covid-19.

Even though it was just the beginning of the rapid spread of the coronavirus when the decision was made, officials decided to take precautions. Knowing they were crushing countless students’ hearts, their priorities were the students’ health and safety.

Many student athletes were devastated with the news of their season ending abruptly, especially seniors. Looking forward to their own senior night, homecoming and simply playing the sport they enjoy made it tougher to accept this news. With this unexpected end of high school spring sports, it brought tears to seniors and sorrow to their fellow teammates.

Teammates became united during their pre-season and looked forward to playing the sport they are all passionate about but now they won’t be able to play together.

¨I was really upset because this was our last chance to ring chase. I was looking forward to playing with the group of girls we had this season. We all worked well together and we just clicked,¨ slowpitch softball player Mattison Lee said. 

The girls golf team at Willow Creek golf course.

Despite the cancellation, quite a few athletes are looking at the bright side of this situation instead of letting it ruin everything.

¨Covid-19 ending our season hurt as a senior and captain of the varsity boys soccer team but at the end of the day covid just opened my eyes to the bigger picture,¨ soccer player Kolby Alamillo said. 

Although the spring season had to end early, it was a decision made to keep student athletes safe for next year’s season whether that is high school or college.